provides secure video broadcasting and management platform for national network operators.

Mobile live video sharing for professionals

Complete situational awareness. Save time. Save lives. The solution meets the demanding standards of authorities and it is being utilized by several police and first response organizations worldwide.

Use cases

Securely share and store video, audio and geospatial data on the move and rest.

Key benefits

Secured low latency video transfers with high availability even in poor radio coverage. Wide support for video sources.


Substantial toolset for device and user management, realtime communications and post-mission analysis.

Mobile app

Runs practically on any IoT device, including commercial Android and iOS products. Airbus Tactilon Dabat compatible broadcasting application with support for peripheral UVC video sources.

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Product Technology


NS-MCC™ Mission Command Console is the heart of ECC™ system, which enables integration into existing Digital Video Management and Command & Contol systems — a software solution which is hardware agnostic and can run in a various platforms ranging from a small footprint smartphone to a cloud service.

NS-MOBILE™ platform consists of a team leader command console and an operator application package.

The main applications for the field operator are video & audio live broadcasting, tracking, sensor data, external camera, vehicle cameras, tactical desktop.

End device is enhanced with multiple source of information and data dissemination.

NS-MCC and NS-Mobile App Package connects using any data network (2G to 4G, satellite).

NSC3™ Essentials


Broadcaster™ streams and stores video efficiently from various platforms ranging from power savvy embedded systems to smartphones right off the shelf — to the entire team or peer to peer.

EyeView&trade displays live video and audio from team users and control. Can display incoming streams from other team members, UAV feeds and C2 users.

Audiocaster™ & Teamptt allows the phone to transmit surrounding audio with or without video and secure talk between team. Audio can be generated by user alarms, push to talk mode or remote command.

Image & Clip Controller™ enables mobile user to use device camera storage for high quality still image and video clip distribution to other users and C2.

247Maps™ & 247Tracks™ delivers secure geospatial service with live location tracking, annotation and geotagging.

Supervisor™ controls all application traffic. The application reacts to internal commands and utilizes dynamic network control.

NSMSGs™ delivers messages between operators using unique secure protocol.



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